Ursula Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt for Women, Black

  • $ 2000 FREE SHIPPING

  • MSRP : $39.99
  • Double strap boosts workout by providing lumbar support and correcting posture for optimum exercise results
  • Top-notch design band with thorough testings and materials research to stimulate fat loss through compression and perspiration
  • No-slip inner cotton-lined latex strap with steel flexi boning at front and back for extra firm support
  • Comfortable and soft inner cotton lining, latex does not touch skin. Latex has proven to be the best material for body sculpting, providing the best temperature rise and compression effects
  • Adjustable outer elastic band with velcro closure for easy and fast wear secures desired fit. Adjust to high, medium or low compression as you prefer by wrapping elastic band to a tighter or looser fit

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